Living dangerously

Brent was the hero of the office today when he went out to Walmart to buy space heaters for everyone (except Brian, who was strangely resistant to the idea) to solve our heating problem. Sure, we blew a circuit plugging them all in, but eventually sorted it out by snaking extension cords around the office. Now we’re all warm and toasty.

I’m the guy who can’t stand tags and labels on things, so of course I decided to snip the huge warning label off the cord on my heater.


Yeah, that’s me: living dangerously by removing the tag. Woo!

Someone forgot to pay the heating bill

For the second day in a row, our office is about 50 degrees. Granted, it’s about 7 degrees outside, so it’s definitely a cold day, but it sure would be nice if the heat was working…

One doughnut

One doughnut to rule them all, one doughnut to find them…


… one doughnut to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

Keepin’ cool

So we bought a new refrigerator the other day. We were at Lowe’s and noticed they had a killer sale on all of their major appliances. By “killer” I mean most of them were about half-price. Our fridge is at least sixteen years old, and although it’s been running like a champ, you never know when it’ll give up the ghost. And, as Kurt pointed out to me, when your fridge dies, you run to the store and take whatever they can deliver in the next few days.


This one is black, which means for the first time in our twenty years of marriage we’ll have a fridge that actually matches our other appliances. It has side-by-side doors and is a little wider and deeper than the old one, so we have more room for food. Interestingly enough, two kids have moved away and another will be leaving soon, so we actually have less food these days. The freezer is a huge drawer in the bottom (bottom freezers are so much better).

So all’s well, and we expect to be happy with this guy for at least sixteen more years. But now we have a problem: what do we do with an old, but perfectly working, refrigerator?

Merry Christmas, Elder Schroeder

We just finished stuffing everything into a big box to ship off to Alex, who’s down in Lima Peru for the second Christmas in a row.


We wrapped a bunch of little gifts for him and his companion, added all kinds of food that he can’t buy in Peru, and jammed in a variety of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (I even found one of those huge packages which has two half-pound cups.) Unless he gives some away to his companion and the kids and families he visits, he’ll end up with a sugar rush through mid-April.

It’s kind of a bummer not to be with him for Christmas (again), but we’ll have a chance to talk with him for the third time since he left. I know the stuff he’s doing is important and worth it. Merry Christmas, Elder Schroeder.


It’s from concentrate. Or not.


Smart cookie

Part of a conversation with Kyra today:



Thank you, mom, for raising me to talk proper English, so I can laugh at things like this.



I have our tickets…


Working snack

I’m cranking away on my seminary lesson, and decided it was time for a snack. We don’t usually have “snack foods” around the house, so sometimes a bit of creativity is required. Today I ended up with popcorn, butterscotch chips, and a glass of orange juice.


Surely that’ll get my brain shifted into high gear!

Thoughtful Zack

Yesterday we had a photoshoot (long story, but it’ll all become clear when our Christmas card comes out) and Zack was really hamming it up. He used a hair dryer to get a little more “body” in his hair, and then gave me a few poses. He was absolutely hilarious because he was so serious.

This is one of them, which seems to capture his thoughtful side.


Queen of Tokyo

Now that Kyra’s back home for a few days, I’ve had a chance to break out some board games (no one else around this house plays against me, so when she’s away at college my games sit in the closet gathering dust). After soundly defeating her in a couple games of Dominion, then trouncing her in Canasta, she brought the fight back to me tonight in a game of King of Tokyo.

With her health at 1 (barely alive) and in danger of losing in the next turn, she took a huge chance and rolled for stars. Amazingly, she managed to end up with six 3’s to score six stars for the win. Unbelievable.


Queen of Tokyo!

Happy Thanksgiving

Today Laralee and Kyra spent many hours in the kitchen, although it’s my suspicion much of that time was talking instead of cooking. Regardless, we had a wonderful opportunity to sit down together and enjoy a great dinner.


The homemade rolls were amazing.


We even enjoyed some nice candles (yeah, I was in charge of table decorations).


Faces of Zack

I’m working on our family Christmas card, which means going through our archive of photos from 2016. Of course I want the card to be more or less “balanced”, showing each of us in various poses and situations. I’m having a hard time finding many shots of Zack where he doesn’t look like either a special-needs child or a psychotic maniac.


It’s possible there’s a little too much of his dad in him.


Last night we went to a party at a friend’s house, and Zack didn’t want to “get all dressed up” (he was wearing pajama pants). So he pulled on his Chewbacca pajamas and we headed out.

When we arrived, their daughter Lexi saw Zack and was so excited because she has Chewbacca pajamas too! She ran to her room to put them on.


Silly dreams

Seen on Facebook:

If anyone ever tells you your dreams are silly, remember there’s a millionaire walking around who invented the pool noodle.

Sweet hat

Kyra just texted me a picture of herself walking across campus in a sweet hat:


It’s hard to tell what it is from this angle, but it’s a cool monster whose arms wave when you squeeze the tail hanging down (above Kyra’s left shoulder).

And it’s my hat, sort of. I took it home from a white-elephant Christmas party a few years ago, but sadly it was too small for my big noggin. So I gave it to Kyra because it fit her well, and frankly it suits her personality. I’m thrilled that it’s keeping her ears warm on a cold fall day, and even more thrilled that she’s willing to wear it in public. That’s my girl.


Seen on the internet:

You are now one day closer to eating your next plate of nachos.

> This is the most hopeful thing I’ve ever read.

>> But what if I die tomorrow and never eat any nachos?

Then tomorrow is nacho lucky day.

Ben Franklin is old

Today I saw a hundred-dollar bill that’s almost 40 years old. Go Ben!