Losers… or not?

Well, last night was the tournament to finish the fall ultimate league. My team’s record was abysmal. We went 2-12 for the season, which is the worst team I’ve ever played with. And yet, the whole team was a barrel of fun… we were positive every week, had a great time together, shrugged off our losses, and celebrated our wins. After our games we went to grab some food together, and almost the entire team went every week (most teams get maybe 3-4 people for social hour after games). In short, despite how much we sucked on the scoreboard, we were one of the most fun teams I’ve ever been on.

Every season there’s a survey to the players, and for the first time there was a question specifically about the team captains. How did they do? Did they promote a positive atmosphere? Did they help players improve in ultimate? The survey was anonymous, but I was tickled to get this feedback:

Hands down one of the very best league teams I’ve ever played with. I know not a single person went into the season expecting to do as abysmally as we did, yet everyone showed up to each game with a good attitude and enthusiasm to play another day with each other.

So, I guess it wasn’t a total loss…