Monopoly is one of those games that really brings people together. I mean, it’s tedious and ruthless and the entire point of the game is to bankrupt your friends and family.

Today Dirk learned– apparently for the first time– about the “auction” rule. If the player who lands on a property doesn’t want to buy it, the property goes up for auction to all of the remaining players. Of course that’s pretty important, but most people (including Dirk) don’t know about it.

I told him this:

Believe it or not, I totally knew about this rule.  I haven’t played Monopoly in a while, but I absolutely used it.  With my kids.  To ruthlessly drown them in debt and eventually bankrupt them.

Because hey, teaching moment!

To which he responded:

Did I ever tell you about newlywed Dirk and Jennifer playing Monopoly?

Apparently her family played “friendly” and without houses and hotels.  So let’s just say she got destroyed, and the first time I asked for property as payment, she completely lost her mind and hated me.

We have never played again.

In general, games like this remind me of a classic Calvin and Hobbes cartoon:

I actually have a printed copy of that comic tucked inside one of our board games, and I pull it out as a reminder to the kids when we play.

Thanks, Monopoly!