Packrats? Who, us?

Today I had some free time this afternoon, and since spring is a few days away, I figured I might start on some “spring cleaning”. For a long time I’ve thought we could probably get rid of some stuff that’s been in our crawlspace for years.

I was right.

We tend to keep boxes for expensive electronics we buy (mainly computers, but also audio equipment and the like). I guess we figure when we move, we’ll want to use the original boxes with their padding or something. Well, about half of our crawlspace turned out to be comprised of such boxes. Many of them were for things we didn’t even own any more! (VCR, anyone?)

I tossed them out of the crawlspace into the basement, then up the basement stairs to Laralee, who tossed them out the side door into the driveway.

There, we removed three trash cans’ worth of styrofoam packing and crushed many of the older boxes. A friend of mine is getting ready to move, so I asked him if he’d like some of the nicer boxes. He said sure, so we managed to pass off many of these to him. Nice!

Oh, and let’s not forget things like 3.5″ floppy disks with video drivers that I found in one of the computer boxes. Yeah, that’s old school.

The rest of the crawlspace awaits another lazy afternoon when I have some time for more spring cleaning. I happen to know I have at least two big boxes of old college papers and assignments…