American health care sucks

At Zing we’re talking about changes to our employee health-care program, and at the same time I’m watching the slowly-unfolding train wreck that is the Republicans’ tax bill, all the while tracking the unbelievable increase in health insurance premiums from year to year.

That’s why this quote by Cory Doctorow resonated with me:

For-profit healthcare is a disaster at every level, from insurers to hospitals to doctors’ practices to the pharmaceutical industry. That’s why Americans spend more per capita to receive worse care that produces worse outcomes than anyone else in the developed world, where socialized and regulated medicine are the norm.

Although I understand there are drawbacks to fully socialized health care, I can’t believe people still think the American health care system is reasonable.

(Oh, wait, the people who do think that are the ones who stand to profit from it! Of course…)