It is too a Christmas movie

It seems like every year, Laralee and I continue two long-standing disagreements revolving around Christmas:

1) I can’t believe the LDS Church changed the lyrics of “Joy to the World”, thus ruining my second-favorite Christmas hymn. (“Just let it go already” is what she tells me, every year.)

2) Die Hard is indeed a Christmas movie.

On that latter point, she argues that just because the movie takes place during the Christmas season, that doesn’t make it a Christmas movie. It’s certainly not like It’s a Wonderful Life or How the Grinch Stole Christmas or even such questionable “classics” as Elf and Home Alone. Yet, in countless internet surveys over the years, you’ll find Die Hard consistently listed in the top ten Christmas movies of all time.

Evidence: the Nakatomi Plaza gingerbread tower:

Or some Nakatomi-themed Christmas cards:

(I need to remember these the next time I throw a Christmas party– classic.)

And even the Christmas card idea I stumbled across a few months ago:

Yes, so many things prove that the movie is, indeed, a Christmas movie. I guess La and I will just have to continue to agree to disagree…