Objects and methods

Amongst the crawlspace treasure trove I found a series of slides I’d made for a work presentation sometime in the late 90’s. I think it was for an object-oriented programming class I was either taking or teaching, because it includes references to objects (representations of physical things in software) and methods (representations of actions done to those things).

Words can’t fully describe it, so here is the series of slides. It’s important to note they were, in fact, done in crayon.

There was a corresponding set of transparencies for each of these, which clearly meant it was an official presentation of some kind. Alex saw them and was amazed. “I know what those are! You put them on a big light box and it projects them onto the wall!” Yeah, kid, those were the days.

I also explained to Alex that sometimes, in Corporate America, it’s completely appropriate (and, one might argue, necessary) to step outside the box and give a professional presentation in crayon.